Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) (BP212)
Best Practices
Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) (BP212)
This course provides an introduction to the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI), how it's use benefits the Owner, Architect and Contractor; when it is best applied; and how to use on your project.
Constructability Review - Design Coordination (BP213)
Best Practices
Constructability Review - Design Coordination (BP213)
Procedures and checklists to conduct a thorough and value added review.
Best Practices - Sustainability (LEED) (BP216)
Best Practices
Best Practices - Sustainability (LEED) (BP216)
The course provides a review of sustainability, LEED Certification, and the actions a PM/CM should undertake to successfully deliver a project that has sustainability goals. Specific learning objectives include: key definitions related to...
Fundamentals of Commissioning (BP217)
Best Practices
Fundamentals of Commissioning (BP217)
Introduces the additional process of commissioning, benefits of, and how to integrate it properly into the project delivery life-cycle. Roles/responsibilities, contracting options, and estimated costs are also covered.
Why Broaddus?  What we do? (CP100)
Company Policies & Procedures
Why Broaddus? What we do? (CP100)
Dr. Broaddus discusses the early formation days of the company and why it was founded. He traces the growth and the various markets the Broaddus Companies now serve. This course is delivered via recorded video, and is important for all employees...
Learner's Intro to LMS (CP105)
Company Policies & Procedures
Learner's Intro to LMS (CP105)
This course orients the new user/learner to the Learning Management System (LMS) that the Broaddus Companies uses to host all our on demand training. The course was updated in April 2016 to make more applicable to our current deployment of the LMS.
Detailed LMS for Learners (CP106)
Company Policies & Procedures
Detailed LMS for Learners (CP106)
This recording of a GoToMeeting provides a detailed walk through of all LMS features from the Learner's perspective. This course is optional, but is suggested for those that missed the Orientation Sessions or just want to gain additional...
Your Elevator Speech (CP113)
Company Policies & Procedures
Your Elevator Speech (CP113)
What is an "Elevator Speech" and why it is important for everyone.
Introduction to Employment Policy (CP115)
Company Policies & Procedures
Introduction to Employment Policy (CP115)
This tutorial covers our company employment policies and includes a overview of our company organization, employee handbook, and benefits programs. This presentation serves as a supplement to our existing company material concerning employment....
Media Relations Policy (CP211)
Company Policies & Procedures
Media Relations Policy (CP211)
This course is required by all employees and should be completed during an employee's orientation period, as well as annually thereafter.